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    Headache & Migraine Symptoms Treated (But Not Limited To):

    • Sharp / dull / aching head pain
    • Pressure or tightness or vice-like grip
    • Nausea and/or vomiting
    • Sensitivity to light or sound
    • Dizziness or vertigo
    • Visual disturbances
    • Auras

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    How It Works

    Free Consultation

    This one-on-one consultation provides the opportunity to discuss with Dr. Malachowski the specific headache and migraine problems you are suffering from. He will then explain the next steps in a potential treatment plan custom designed for your needs.


    Dr. Malachowski will proceed with orthopedic and neurological evaluations. This will help create a clear picture of issues contributing to your ongoing problems. X-rays are critical for determining what may be the leading cause to your headaches and migraines.

    First Adjustment

    Once we have this vital information, we perform a custom made adjustment, which is extremely safe and effective with no cracking, popping or twisting. This procedure corrects the misalignment that may be causing your migraines and headaches. No drugs – no surgery.

    Group Testimonial: Migraine / Headache / Dizziness / Facial Pain

    Listen to Our Patients

    Five different patients share their stories of their experiences living with debilitating migraine and headache pain. Each person describes how they were not able to enjoy their lives feeling depression and pain day in and day out. They speak of enduring countless tests and visits to several different kinds of specialists who only recommended medication or another specialist. After they visited Dr. Tron Malachowski, their lives all changed…

    Hear More About Their Journey from
    Headache and Migraine Pain to Living Life

    Have you experienced a decline in quality of life since having an accident?

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    Get Back to Living Your Life!

    Charlette Banks

    “I was really withdrawn from my job, my family. Everyday life. I couldn’t really interact with my kids or my husband. When I did the treatment, it really changed me. Now I’m more outgoing. People get to see the good side of me.”

    • Charlette sustained an injury from a fall. She then began experiencing severe migraines.
    • She went to countless headache specialists but never found any solutions.
    • By the time she came to see Dr. Tron Malachowski, she couldn’t even hold her head up because her migraines were so bad.

    Have you been ignoring your pain for too long?

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    Find Relief and Healing!

    Lynn Carney

    “It was absolutely life-changing immediately. Literally, from the second Dr. Tron did the treatment I felt change. I never have experienced something like that in my life. It’s not a normal medical environment here. It’s much more like a family. I really do feel like I’m coming home when I come here.”

    • Lynn was in two separate car accidents in one year. A few months after the second accident, she began to feel pressure in her head and neck. She was busy as a caretaker to her children and father, so she chose not to focus on herself and her pain.
    • She was leery of seeing Dr. Tron Malachowski but felt that she had nothing to lose. She felt the relief she had been seeking upon the first treatment and says that the experience was truly life-changing. She now brings her daughter to Dr. Tron Malachowski.

    Have you gone to specialist after specialist and find that you still have no answers?

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    Patients Are NOT Just Numbers Here!

    Wendy Owens

    “You could tell I wasn’t just a patient. I felt like they took a true interest in what was going on with my headaches.”

    • Wendy had seen a variety of specialists, but no one was able to help her.
    • It got to the point where she had to take pain relievers the moment that she woke up in the morning, or she would not be able to function.
    • Dr. Tron Malachowski worked with her to figure out what was going on with her and even determined that her diet was another factor causing her migraines.

    Your body has everything it needs to heal—no medication necessary.

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    We Have Real Medical Pain Solutions!

    Mallory Kriewaldt

    “It was completely different. I’d never had a medical professional who said anything more than, ‘Oh, you have some swelling, it will go down eventually.’”

    • Mallory lived an active lifestyle until one day she sustained an injury while kayaking. At the time, she thought it was something that she could sleep off.
    • A few months later, she started to get headaches and dizzy spells. It progressed to the point where it was nearly impossible for her to even sleep.
    • She went to several different specialists, who either kept referring her to other specialists or offering narcotic pain medicine. In some instances, she actually had to convince the specialist that she was in pain.
    • After the initial consultation and examination, Dr. Tron was able to pinpoint the problem and explain to Mallory what happened, and over time, with treatment, Mallory is now back on the water with her kayak and also brings her daughter to Dr. Tron as well.

    Dr. Tron Malachowski, D.C.

    “Medicine’s greatest accomplishment is getting people to think the answer is outside of themselves.”

    April Moffatt came to us with severe migraines that started decades prior; slowing her down to say the least. Hear her experience below:

    “Dr. Tron was able to perceive how my neck injury was affecting my life. He actually talked to me about how I had been affected—I had to face the fact that my injury had affected me so much more than I had wanted to acknowledge. I don’t live in fear anymore. I don’t fear that migraines are always around the corner. Dr. Tron is a genuine healer. He invests in you and your particular situation.”

    April’s migraines were so bad that she would sometimes have to stop driving and just wait on the side of the road for an hour or so because she couldn’t see. She tried everything.

    Do you find that you can’t afford to let pain slow you down? Life doesn’t stop, so don’t let your headache or migraine pain stop you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is this different from anything else I have tried?

    Most people have never had their nervous system or their upper cervical spine evaluated. Or, people think that everything they are experiencing with their headache or migraine pain is “normal.” The phenomenon that happens with an issue in that area frequently is the reason why people suffer for so long and medical testing is negative—how can you search for a solution when you have not yet properly identified the problem?

    How long would I need to be seen?

    Our treatment plans are aimed at correcting the issue as best as possible. A key difference in our care is we teach people HOW to take care of themselves. When they know how their bodies work from our teaching, they can make better decisions in their lives to continue the healing that we have started in the office and avoid headache or migraine pain in the future.

    What is the cost?

    Great question. Our care is customized for the individual and is aimed at correcting the issue the best as possible. We have found our care is affordable compared to other medical procedures.

    What pillow/mattress is right for me?

    One that fits. The pillow has to support the curve in your neck, so your chin can’t be too far forward or backward. Your head needs to be level with the rest of your body. If you are unsure of how to find the right pillow, we help customize them.

    Are you ready to finally be free of your headache and migraine suffering?

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